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This Sceptred Isle

This Sceptered Isle
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1) This a community devoted to discussing all matters that touch the court of England, as she is ruled by kinghenryiv. Tangents are permissible, but the line is drawn at whoremongering, brawling, and attempts to pawn off the the one-eyed Italian seer that swam after you across the Channel to the highest bidder.
2) Membership is open, but of course, any member spewing hatred or found committing any of the acts in rule one will be banned immediately.
3) This community does not tolerate the theft or improper usage of avatars, also known as userpics. If you are found using an avatar that does not belong to you, immediate action will be taken.
4) Absolutely no drunk-posting. Keep your sack to yourselves, gentlemen. We aim to be a community that encourages level-headedness, not bet-taking that wagers the precise date you'll keel over from permanent liver failure.
5) Members are invited to openly post any dissatisfactions,questions, or concerns with kinghenryiv.
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